Articles and Book Chapters

2016 – 2017

  • Brexit Arithmetics” in J. Armour and H. Eidenmüller (eds.), Negotiating Brexit (Munich/Oxford: C.H. Beck/Hart Publishing), 2017
  • Just boundaries for demoicrats” with Juri Viehoff, Journal of European Integration, Volume 39, 2017 – Issue 5: European Boundaries In Question
  • R2P: State of Play” with Sam Sussman “, The International Spectator, 51:2, 9-18 2016
  • “EUtopia or Aporia? Europe’s Demoicracy in Crisis,” in Philipp Hubman (ed), Political Aporia. Actors and Practices of Dilemma, 2016

2015 and earlier

  • “Perils of Unity, Promise of Union”, in Miguel Maduro and Marlene Wind (eds.) The Transformation of Europe – 20 years on, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2015
  • EMU and Sustainable Integration” with Iain Begg, Annette Bongardt and Francisco Torres, Journal of European Integration, Vol 37, No 7, November 2015
  • “Europe’s Ends” in The Meanings of Europe: Changes and Exchanges of a Contested Concept, Claudia Wiener and Mieke Schmidt-Gleim, eds, Routedge, 2014
  • Epilogue” in Kerem Oktem, Ayse Kadioglu and Mehmet Karli, Another Empire? A Decade of Turkey’s Foreign Policy Under the Justice and Development Party” (Istanbul: Bilgi University Press)

2010 and earlier

  • “Introduction: Frontiers, Memory and Conflict in the Mediterranean,” w/ Dimitar Bechev in Mediterranean Frontiers: Borders, Memory and Conflict in a Transnational Era, edited by Dimitar Bechev and Kalypso Nicolaidis, I.B. Tauris, 2010
  • Introduction: The long shadow of Europe. “ with Othon Anastasakis and Kerem Öktem “ in Under the Long Shadow of Europe – Greeks and Turks in the era of Postnationalism, edited with Kerem Oktem and Othon Anastasakis, The Hague: Brill, 2009
  • “Towards a Global Trade Ethics” with Robert Howse in Eagleton-Pierce, Jones, Nicolaidis (eds), Building Blocks Towards a Global Trade Ethics, Oxford GTE Programme, WP Series, July 2009
  • Tensions in Transitional Justice”, with Phil Clark, Zachary D. Kaufman, in After Genocide: Transitional Justice, Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Reconciliation in Rwanda and Beyond [p.-p.] (Phil Clark & Zachary D. Kaufman, eds.) (New York, NY: Columbia University Press and London, UK: C. Hurst & Co., 2008)
  • “Les Fins de l’Europe” In Bronislaw Geremek and Robert Picht, eds Visions d’Europe, Paris: Odile Jacob, 2007
  • “We, the Peoples of Europe,” in The Democratic Papers, British Council (Brussels), May 2004, pp.20-32.
  • “Getting to Yes: Suggestions for Embellishment of the Annan Plan for Cyprus” with Othon Anastasakis and Gilles Bertrand, South East European Studies Programme Report, February 2004
  • Europe’s Tainted Mirror: Reflections on Turkey’s Candidacy Status After Helsinki” in Dimitri Keridis, ed, Turkish Foreign Policy, Bassey’s, 2001
  • “Harmonisation and Recognition: What Have we Learned?” in Trade and Regulatory Reform: Insights from Country Experience, Paris: OECD Publications, 2001.
  • “Regulatory Cooperation and Managed Mutual Recognition: Developing a Strategic Model,” in George Bermann et al, (eds) Transatlantic Regulatory Cooperation, Oxford University Press, 2001

2000 and earlier

  • “Exploring Second-Best Solutions in Cyprus,” Survival, Summer 98
  • “Exploring a New Paradigm for Trade Diplomacy: Managed Mutual recognition between the United States and the European Union,” in Proceedings of the European Union Community Association, World Conference, Office of Publications of the European Community, Brussels, 1997
  • “Competition Policy and Trade Policy in the European Community,” with Raymond Vernon, in Edward Graham (ed), Competition Policy in a Changing World Economy, Washington: Institute for International Economics, 1997
  • “Etats-Unis: Le Nouveau Contrat Social,” Interview, Robert Reich, Politique Internationale, 3/1996
  • “The Emergence of Managed Mutual Recognition: Legal Precedent and Political Innovation in the European Community” Paper presented at European Community Studies Association, May 1993.
  • “Regional Integration in a Networked World Economy,” with Albert Bressand, Chapter 1 in William Wallace, ed, The Dynamics of European Integration, London & New York: Pinter publishers, 1990
  • “European Infrastructures at the Heart of Sustainable Growth,” with D. Braunschvig, Information Time, January 1990
  • “Revamping the GATT: Toward Regional Multilateralism,” Project Promethee Perspectives, Paris, March 1990
  • “Mutual Recognition: The Next Frontier of Multilateralism?,” Project Promethee Perspectives, Paris, July 1989
  • “Connecting to 1992: All you Need is a European Profile,” with D. Braunschvig, Project Promethee Perspectives, Paris, March 1989
  • “Vers une Economie des Réseaux,” w/ Bressand and Distler, Revue de Politique Industrielle, Jan 1989
  • “Liberalization vs Deregulation: Old Synergies, New Dilemmas,” Project Promethee Perspectives 5, Paris, 1988
  • “Contactors vs Contractors: Towards a Integrated Definition of Trade in Services” study conducted for UNCTAD, Working Paper 39, Promethee Publications, Paris, November 1987
  • “The Information Paradox,” Project Promethee Perspectives, Paris, July 1987
  • “Le Mexique: Terre en Transition,” with D. Nicolaidis, Cri des Hommes, September 1982