• My sister in law Fadela has been making beautiful jewelry for decades…a kind of French Maghreb Cosmopolitan. You can find her earrings here. And contact her here if you would like to see and order other stuff.
  • The most romantic perfumes in the world have been revived by my friends Clara and Michel, at Le Jardin Retrouvé. You can read the story of their amazing quest for a father’s dream after the last war and enjoy their magical sents at… https://lejardinretrouve.com/en/18-the-samples and https://lejardinretrouve.com/en/18-the-samples
  • My friend Sophie has opened her ESTIA Wellspace at the heart of Jericho in a rejuvenated art gallery. ESTIA in greek altogether means home, hearth and being. https://www.estiawellspace.com/