European Elections: Charta 2020

In the run-up to the European elections of May 2019, I participated in an exciting collective endeavor to articulate the European project around a Charta 2020 which encourages Europeans to think about the precious value of public goods. It is here. Bravo to Caterina Di Fazio, the moving force behind the project and the many “Agora Europe” which hosted the conversation (the Oxford one was much fun!).

You can find the Charta 2020 here as PDF.

Charta 2020 is a vision for a democratic and egalitarian European Union and a demand to recognize 20 European public goods that would get us there. Charta 2020 is promoted by Agora Europe and has been collectively written by several dozen international activists and academics. It outlines the conditions for European integration across 20 public goods that we Europeans should endorse to make Europe a better and safer place for all citizens and residents. Do you want to play a key role in enhancing democracy in the EU? Do you want to actively contribute to shaping the European political space of the future? Then take charge of yourself! Endorse Charta 2020!
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By definition, a public good is a good that eludes both rivalry and exclusion, a good made available for everyone, such that no one will be competing with another for them, nor be excluded from their use. The Agora Europe Series is proud to present Charta 2020, a charter outlining the conditions for European integration that enumerates 20 public goods essential to reshaping any future European political space. Charta 2020 was collectively composed at the European University Institute on February 15th 2019 and first presented at the European Parliament on March 20th. It will also be presented at the Italian Chamber of Deputies on April 16th, at Maastricht University Studio Europa on April 29th before the Spitzenkandidaten debate, and at Columbia University on May 8th. The transnational joint launch of #Charta2020 is scheduled for Europe Day on May 9th, 2019.

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