Cretan Europe vs Christian Europe out in The European Review of Books

Cretan Europa’s second coming, no-pay wall version here (13 June 2022, published in Issue One of The European Review of Books)

The European Review of Books is a new magazine and digital platform of culture and ideas: the best writing, 

in both English and in a writer’s own tongue. It features established writers as Ali Smith and Rem Koolhaas 

alongside a diverse group of writers and scholars from Europe and beyond. Find our media-kit in the attachment.

*  Sales of The European Review of Books are «astonishing for a magazine’s first issue» *

The launch of the European Review of Books is a success. 

Our first print issue hit the stands in June 2022, and within two weeks our web store sold out. 
Three months in, our distributor Ra & Olly estimates that they’ve reached 70% sales from their shop deliveries, 

a figure they described as «astonishing for a magazine’s first issue.»

The issue was favorably reviewed in Le Monde, Monocle podcasts, the Dutch NRC, the Swiss Tagesanzeiger

Deutschlandfunk, Magculture, and more.