Theatre and Immersive Debating

Spring 2021

Time to Retreat?

A tragicomedy on European crises and non-European sanctuaries’ Our STG take on Europe seen from the rest of the world, repeat with audience- as-citizen engagement.

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In the wake of my book tour before the pandemic for Exodus, Reckoning, Sacrifice I have been experimenting with better and fun ways to engage with citizens-as-publics both in real and virtual space.  The talk-with-Q&A is not the only way. In contrast, I believe that taking part in the action as “audiences” in theatre (or even in films as with Rocky Horror Picture Show) is in a continuum with practices of participation as citizens. Can we experiment at the intersection of these two worlds? My TED talk tried to lay out a sort of exposition for this idea — based on inviting the audience to think of itself as a greek chorus. But of course, in the context of a TED talk all i could do is invite recitation at the end. I labelled the approach “theatre of recognition.”

On this basis I developed a little video on in collaboration with the Oxfordshire IF theatre, Frankie Lowe and Lea Prentaki providing the set up for a more active audience engagement.


Four sessions:

Most recently, I have worked with my wonderful EUI students to set up a play about European encounters with the rest of the world in the context of the EUI’s State of the Union 2021 and the brand new addition of the SOU4YOU.