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In the 18th century, many books were sold through subscription and subscribers’ names were inscribed in the back of the book. Offerings ranged from Samuel Johnson’s dictionary to revolutionary pamphlet. Today we can reinvent this old tradition of democratic publishing with the power of the internet. This is why I chose to crowdfund with my new book “Exodus, Reckoning, Sacrifice: Three Meanings of Brexit“ Because my take on Brexit is that it must start with a reinvigorated democratic conversation. My hope is that archetypal myths can serve as a shared language for such a conversation and, in the process, contribute to a more civilized withdrawal of the UK from the EU. Click here to watch the video and pledge to buy a book.


  • Brexit Arithmetics,” in J. Armour and H. Eidenmüller (eds.), Negotiating Brexit (Munich/Oxford: C.H. Beck/Hart Publishing), 2017

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