Corona Thoughts

With a chapeau: How the pandemic may open up our political imagination.

Reimagining Democracy: An Interactive Presentation, Keynote by Prof. Kalypso Nicolaidis delivered at the Pandemic Perspectives Conference 2021: Reflections on the Post-Covid World (20th April 2021)

The Covid-19 pandemic and what it means for the world? (Thessaloniki Symposium on global affairs with Steve Walt, 7.000 tuned in — mostly from Greece, 30.11.2020)
Hubris beyond Brexit – Coronavirus — Sisyphus defeated or triumphant?
St Antony’s Looks at the World, May 2020
Kalypso discusses life under Coronavirus, the Eruv and reinventing our space, myths and politics, radical democracies, the EU and COVID, Oxford University and St Antony’s College….and of course, Brexit!

Wuhan was Europe’s future
Italy became Spain’s 
And Madrid Paris’
Qom Dhaka’s
London New York’s 
Istanbul Lausanne’s
New Orleans Pretoria’s

In full blossom,
The cherry tree can only be
the dogwood’s future
Awaiting the Jacaranda’s
Turn to flower

My mother was my future
As I am my children’s
Yet I cannot help but wonder 
If it is possible 
For us not to be 

Corona Poem by Kalypso Nicolaidis, April 2020


EUI panel on democracy
Transition, negotiation, pandemic: what is happening to Brexit