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Managed Mutual Recognition, Regulatory Cooperation and Competition

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Negotiation Theory

Plays and Essays

  • Epilogue” in Kerem Oktem, Ayse Kadioglu and Mehmet Karli, Another Empire? A Decade of Turkey’s Foreign Policy Under the Justice and Development Party” (Istanbul: Bilgi University Press, 2012)


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  • Brexit Arithmetics” in J. Armour and H. Eidenmüller (eds.), Negotiating Brexit (Munich/Oxford: C.H. Beck/Hart Publishing), 2017


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Managed Mutual Recognition, Regulatory Cooperation and Competition

  • “The Cassis Legacy: Kir, Banks, Plumbers, Drugs, Criminals and Refugees”, in Davis, Billd & Fernanda G. Nicola (eds.), European Law Stories: Critical and Contextual Histories of European Jurisprudence, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017
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